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We built this website in order to facilitate the adoption of rescued dogs from Romania. Our mission is to provide as much exposure as possible for these souls, thus increasing the changes for them to be adopted.

Currently, the dogs presented on this website are from a single shelter. However, as we evolve, we aim to expand it to serve multiple shelters. Our ethical standards forbid us to work with overcrowded shelters, that don`t respect the animal`s well being, that is why almost all the dogs on this website are calm and friendly and can be safely adopted.

We strongly believe that change comes through education, that is why a great part of this website is dedicated to educate future and present pet owners in order to provide the best care for their animals.

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About us

Adopt a dog from our shelter!

The Happy Dogs Shelter is home to over 200 stray animals. We take great care of our dogs, feed them good food, let hem play almost every week and make sure that when they get adopted as as familiar and friendly with humans as possible. You can scroll down to see out dogs grouped by various criteria or click the following link to see all dogs: See All Available Dogs

Dogs by size

Size is often the main issue with dogs, large dogs can be very active and more sensible, while small one will tend to be more tough.

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Age is another good indicator of temper and mood. Young dogs are much more active than older ones and adult dogs are often the easiest cu care for.

About us

Happy Dogs Moreni shelter started in 2012 as a small refuge for dogs and is managed by Asociația “Câinele meu”.

Our mission - Happy Dogs
Anda Popescu, one of the founding members

Our mission

We started the organization 14 years ago based on the dire need of support for the stray animals in our town in a time where there were no methods to deal with the overpopulation, except for violent death.

Since then we organized tens of free spay/neuter projects for the stray and owned dogs, preventing the birth of thousands of unwanted puppies. We also manage the ones that are born on the street or abandoned through our private shelter which operates as a temporary base for them, until the final adoption. We try to educate the public regarding animal welfare and show them the importance of sterilization as the single most efficient method of preventing animal suffering.

The team

We are a group of dedicated people who can not stand aside witnessing the silent suffering of the animals in need who are waiting for a chance to living a normal life. We are committed to preventing the suffering of as many animals as possible, by organizing monthly free mass spay/neuter for stray and owned dogs and cats.

Some of us are in charge of the daily care of our 200 animals from the shelter and the old sanctuary, while others handle their online promotion, finding loving forever homes for them.

Our compassion goes beyond animal welfare, helping us to treat each other with respect and kindness throughout the 14 years we have spent working together for our cause.

Our team - Happy Dogs
Our team on one cold Christmas Day
The Old Shelter - Happy Dogs Moreni
One of the "gardens" in our old shelter

The old shelter

Initially we planned to shelter about 40 dogs and focus all our activity on organizing free spay and neuter campaigns for the street animals and for those owned by poor people.

Two years later, we decided to expand our shelter and take care of 150 dogs for whom we try to find as many forever homes as possible, while still searching for funds for the monthly mass sterilization projects. We also have a cat sanctuary with 50 cats in our care.

We also kept the old sanctuary which is formed by several gardens where vulnerable, old or scared dogs live away from the noise and agitation of the big shelter.

The new shelter

The new shelter was built in only a few months at the end of 2014, because of the violence of the dogcatchers who were catching and killing hundreds of dogs. Although it was very hard at first, we managed to build individual kennels and a playground, so the dogs can run around and socialize.

Sadly, we are still trying to find the necessary funds to get electricity and running water, because the projects are very expensive, due to the location of the shelter.

The Shelter - Happy Dogs Moreni
A part of our shelter seen from inside

Frequently asked questions

Find below the top 10 questions asked by adopters and our answers.

How does one go about adopting a dog from your rescue?

We have a discussion about your intention of adopting a rescued dog. We then find an international animal welfare organization in your area who can help us to organize a home check. After they evaluate if you would make a responsible owner, we proceed with the adoption process and prepare the dog for traveling abroad. We communicate about finding a suitable transport for your dog and we keep in contact all through the process.

What breed is the dog I want to adopt?

We don’t have a straight answer to this question. There are so many stray dogs on the street, it is impossible for anyone to know exactly what breed mixes your dog has inherited. You can make a DNA test for your dog once he/she is home, this will shed some light over what breeds your dog may resemble with.

Is my rescued dog house trained or leash friendly?

The most common situation is that they are not house trained or leash friendly. Most of our dogs are former strays, so they may not have any regard for wetting the carpet or being walked in the park on a lead. There are situations where shelter dogs are very mindful about doing their business inside the house. Teaching them to wear a harness and walk on a lead can take some time, but, if done patiently and using lots of praise and rewards, they will master this lesson in no time.

Does my adopted dog need to see a behaviorist to forget about past traumas?

Some dogs have a harder time overcoming their past negative experience. Usually they tend to be more shy and show signs of discomfort when people are around. We normally recommend these dogs are adopted or, better yet, fostered by people with experience in these sorts of situations. Most likely they can’t handle a normal home environment, with children whom they may perceive as threats to their safety. Helping these dogs takes a lot of patience, so if, for any reason, you feel your dog behaves as if he/she has to overcome past traumas, it is best to ask for professional help.

What is the adoption fee spent on?

Your dog needs to be prepared for travel, this includes: vaccination, worming and treatment against ticks and fleas, the spay (female)/ neuter (male) procedure, microchipping, registration to the national database (RECS), his/her health book and international pet passport. There is also his/her transport and the cost depends on what sort of transportation we both find suitable for your country/situation.

Why do I have to agree to have my dog spayed or neutered before he/she is coming home?

There are too many dogs in the world as it is. Many countries still euthanize thousands of dogs every year, because there are not enough homes for all of them. The animal shelters in Romania are full, as well as the streets. We consider our responsibility to try and solve this major problem by preventing any more unwanted puppies from being born. We hope that this way people will have more respect for the animals already born and forced to depend entirely on our good will.

Do I need to take a few days off work when he/she gets home?

Yes, this is a good idea. Your dog will probably be confused at first, because his/her life changed completely. Shelter dogs have never experienced normal things like walking on a tile floor, hearing a vacuum cleaner, sleeping on a sofa, having to ask to go outside when they need to pee. They will learn all this eventually, but it takes a bit of time. If you can spend a few days at home, it will give you time to notice his/her routine and help him/her adapt quicker to the new situation.

How do I go about registering his/her passport on my name once he/she gets here?

The international rescue organization we work with will register the passport in their name and will inform you about what happens next. Some may ask for a trial period of up to 3 months until you are allowed to transfer the ownership of your dog onto your name. This is a safety measure that gives them control over the dog's fate in case something happens and you decide not to keep him/her.

What happens if I foster a dog for you and he/she gets sick or injured? Who pays the medical bills?

Having a dog in foster care means you are not the dog’s legal owner, so any information regarding his/her health has to be run by the international rescue organization and us. We will make a plan about paying the vet bills, so you don’t have to worry about it. Of course, if you’d like to help, we would be grateful, because it takes the financial pressure off and we can help more dogs in need.

How can I support your rescue?

There are lots of ways you can help us:

  • you can foster one of our dogs and give him/her a chance to be adopted;
  • you can become a long distance adopter for one or more of our dogs. This way, you help cover their monthly keep, so we can rescue more animals;
  • you can organize yard sales, online bidding events or anything else that can help you fundraise for our cause;
  • you can make a donation. Feeding almost 200 animals daily is a huge effort, to which we can add many more (gas, medical bills, periodical repairs around the shelter etc).

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