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Abby`s Story

She was very traumatised in the past. She was found hiding under a car after being thrown over from the 4th floor. Abby fell through glass and had a lot of cuts and bruises, besides 3 broken legs. She was terrified and barely let us help her recover. She is now healthy and can use all of her legs, but is still very fearful. She needs an experienced rescuer or trainner who can foster her before final adoption.

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Long Term Solutions

Abby was abandoned because her former owners did not have the financial means to spay/neuter their dogs. In Romania, to neuter a dog costs about 50EUR, which translates to 20% of the minimum net pension. Most dogs come from the rural area, where the vast majority of wages are made up only of these pensions. Each household has two or three dogs, this situation being the result of uncontrolled breeding and lack of veterinary service.

As you can see, the economics make this problem very hard to be solved. But there is hope, there are people that fight this problem first hand. One of them is doctor Irina Corbu, an experienced veterinarian that, along with her team, provides free spay/neuter campaigns all around our country for the people with bad material condition.

She has contributed in the sterilization of tens of thousands of animals in the past almost 10 years in which she carried more than 200 campaigns and countless free operations in her clinic, in Bucharest. If you care for these animals and want to contribute to forever solving the problem, we invite you to discover her cause and support her:

Learn more about Irina Corbu